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Our services come with a guarantee, depending on the service performed. We can handle any general pest issue (roaches, silverfish, ants, spiders, mice, etc) as well as the more complicated Bed Bugs, Ticks, Fleas, Rats, Bees, Wasps, etc... Commercial as well as residential; so if you're having pest issues at the home or office, we can help!!
As bed bugs continue to increase around the world and locally in the Tri State area, we have developed and researched a guaranteed procedure to rid anyone of these little creatures. Not all companies are well versed in the eradication methods. A quick internet search will indicate that most companies still use products that the bed bugs are becoming resistant to. At Techno Pest Management, , we research the top products on the market that are proven to eradicate bed bugs. Combined with a very thorough inspection and treatment procedure, we have elated customers in three states just ask.
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