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We have over 10 years of experience with offices in New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware. We're on a quest to change the pest control industry as a whole. Large corporate companies have lost sight of the customer...We continue to hear and witness how their service is geared toward their 'profits' instead of toward the customer. More and more home owners are taking notice and changing their pest control service to a smaller company that actually listens and takes care of its customers.

Not all pest control companies or exterminators operate the same way or use the same techniques. Most don't even use the same products. You will find that Techno Pest Management, not only uses the most effective products on the markets, but also leans very heavy on the side of the consumer vice the company when it comes to profit and treatments. Most large corporations (ok, ALL) wish to get in and out as fast as possible, in order to do as many 'jobs' as possible in one day. This increases their profit margin. WE, are on a quest to change the pest control industry as a whole, including pricing, in order to force the larger corporations to reduce their thinking and provide the consumer the actual care and service they deserve... Or pack up and move to another area. Jerseyans and their families deserve better and Techno Pest Management is on a mission to make that happen. We Are BBB and have over 10 years in the industry..but we are also New Jersey Owned and Operated. Choose a local pest control company for much better service over a larger corporation
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